Here's how to play:

One: Select a Game.

Two: Select one or two players. Select the number of questions (1 to 25). Click "Play."

Three: Players alternate turns, starting with player one. On each question board, the blue player label indicates whose turn it is. That player selects a question by pressing one of the buttons on the game board ($100, $200, etc.). That player is then the first to try to answer the question. If the player's answer is wrong, $50 is deducted from that player's score and the other player gets to try to answer the question. The players alternate in this fashion until one player gets the correct answer, $50 being deducted for each incorrect answer and the amount of the button pressed being awarded for the correct answer. The player that got the answer correct chooses the next question from the game board. Continue until you've played the number of questions chosen in "Number of Questions." The player with the most money once all the questions are asked is the winner.

<% Dim Conn,oRs,SQLQuery SQLQuery = "SELECT [Game Name] As gamename,serial FROM Games ORDER BY serial;" Call MakeRecordSet(Conn,oRs,SQLQuery) If Not oRs.EOF Then Response.Write " " & vbCrLf & " <% Else %>
Select a Game: Number of Players:
" & vbCrLf Response.Write "
Number of Questions:
No games found. <% End If Call CloseRecordSet(Conn,oRs) %>