Standard Packages

  Audio CDs are priced at $20 each. In addition, $5.05 is added to each order for Priority Mail delivery in the U.S. For delivery overseas, add $20 for Global Priority Mail from Dallas, TX. (Non-U.S. orders must be paid in advance by PayPal.) You can expect your CD within a week almost anywhere in the world.
Disk A
Disk B

Disk C - Low
Program Dance

Disk D - High
Program Dance
Disk E -
33-Dance CD for Testing

Set F - 3 CDs for coaching
Two different CDs of Low Dance music are available, Disk A Low and Disk B Low

For a social or practice dance session, two CDs with announcements are available: Disk C Low Program (with dances at the silver level and below) and Disk D High Program (with all levels up to Starlight). Each has a random mixture of dances and is about 70 minutes in length. Each comes with an 8-1/2 by 11-inch card for posting at your rink entrance!

Order the 33-dance Disk E Test for test session music; each dance has one selection, and all have the standard competition introduction.

If you need three tracks for each dance, order our Set of Three CDs. This set is ideal for ice dance coaches, clubs, or rinks that need a variety of music for dance.

For a history tour of ice dancing's roots, order the "Hammond Organ CD," Disk H.

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